Thank you so much for contributing your presence and heart energy as part of our Liberty Bell Minute campaign.

We are fully aware that the outcome of the election has resulted in profound levels of shock and pain in many of us. Others are happy with the result. The US is deeply polarized and facing a period of tremendous emotional turmoil in the months ahead. That's why we feel that now, more than ever, we urgently need to continue our work to provide a steadying influence to the field at this time.

We are thus extending our campaign through January 20, the date of the Inauguration.

If you wish to continue to receive reminders, please reply YES.

If you no longer wish to receive reminders from us for our daily one minute meditation at 9pm Eastern, please reply STOP -- and we thank you for your service.

If we do not hear from you, we will continue to send you the reminders.

Our campaign was never focused on a particular outcome in the election. Rather, we have sought to strengthen the network of light that nourishes and connects us all. This continues to be our work.

May wisdom prevail in the United States of America.

The WiseUSA Team

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    Yes…can they be longer?
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    Yes. I’m in
  • commented 2016-11-10 18:13:06 -0800
    Curious, open, present.

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